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A Life of Constant Movement


The Inuksuk is a symbol of direction, a sign you're on the right path.

All beings are inevitably subjected to a life of continuous movement.

From the day of our birth to the final moment our heart stops beating.

We can't escape it and we sure can't change it.

Thrust into existence by the sheer chance of universal connection and biological make up we are but drops of water in an ever flowing sea.

Propelled forward by time.

Each second fading as quickly as a new one arises.

Much of our lives parallel natural occurrences.

We sleep much like our sun sinks low in the sky only to resurrect once again and shine.

We grow like seeds planted.

Reaching towards sunlight.

Sifting through the mud to breach the surface.

Rain falls to quench a thirst from the flowers journey to the forest floor.

We are those flowers.

Welcoming the storms clouds rolling in.

We are showered by tribulation.

Developed under the pressures of growth.

All the while never stopping.

Flames flicker from high winds.

Pushed through valleys like the running of the bulls.

I can assure you, those winds miss nothing.

Much like water forming shape to whatever holds it.

We adapt through time and experience just like our planet.

Movement welcomes change.

Change welcomes movement.

The two go hand in hand.

The snow falls and flowers die.

The nutrients they carry can be compared to the energy we carry.

They leave behind something for the organisms around them.

Some even drop seeds to grow again.

Such is the story of life and death.

A never ending cycle.

We are the creatures created by all that happens around us.

We collect information on our journeys.

That information impacts our route.

The route we must take.

It has no map and no guideline.

It has faults and flaws.

It has shadows we can't shake and light we can't face.

There's smiles along the way and miles we seem to race.

Dig a hole for your doubt and let the soil break it down.

Always remember where you left it and let the wind sweep you away.

Like a petal that has fallen from its flower.

One day you will land somewhere else.

You'll break down all that you knew and continue this constant movement.

Until you sprout in due time and repeat.

Oh baby, you'll never stop.

Just promise me you'll take a minute to smell the roses.

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A Life of Constant Movement
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