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A Letter to My Mother

Oh, Mother of Mine, Gentle, Loving Mother of Mine

Oh, mother of mine, gentle, loving mother of mine.

You brought me into this world, under your loving eyes.

Nurtured my soul, body, and mind.

Gave me love like none other, oh so divine!

Sorry I lied when I told you I was fine.

It’s not your fault that you saw no sign.

I’m sorry I hurt this, that body you brought alive.

The pain was too great, no other solution I could find.

I could not exist, my demons, I could not hide.

I was doing everything I could to survive.

Waiting for the day of no misery to arrive.

I’m sorry, your child, to you, I deprive.

The blade slit the misery, that would have only grown with time.

Around this memory, please don’t build my shrine.

The demons of your child are hushed, so long they had to connive.

Oh, mother of mine, gentle, loving mother of mine. 

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A Letter to My Mother
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