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A Letter to a Friend

Yours Truly

I can sit here and listen to every complain

I can hear you say that you hate your life, that you wish you could die, that you can’t bare the pain any longer.

I try to give you my best advice, my best words,

the best of me I give it all to you.

But most of the times I wish I could give you a piece of my mind,

I wish you could feel the pain I bear inside

I wish you could see my foggy past.

You are allowed to hate your life,

People have hated mine before; when I was just an idea yet to be born

You are allowed to wish your death

People have hoped for and tried to end mine before;

I should be grateful, I should love my life… people here and there shout

But I’ve died so many times inside, that this life doesn’t feel so fine

I wish you could see how lucky you are,

Your eyes have not been blurred from all the tears that I’ve held back

And your thoughts have not been against your soul

Dear friend, your life is better than most

And your problems all can be solved for.

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

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A Letter to a Friend
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