A Letter Back Home

Because I Love You

Because I love you

I have to tell you how much it hurts

To be miles away

To be hours away

I’m writing this through tears

I’m writing this in pain

Cause when I’m happy

I can’t tell you about it

You’ll cry alone

And wish you didn’t have to

Turn on music loud enough

That no one can hear you

It feels like home has left

Left you in this city you no longer know

Everything that was worth staying for,

Slowly slips out of sight

And you forget what it was worth to be here

It doesn’t change

I wish I could say it gets easier

I really really wish I could

But I can’t lie to you

If it meant my entire future

or another day with him


I’d choose him

And I know that’s messed up

Ask me a year ago and no one

Would keep me from my every dream

I would have never let that happen

He is worth the pain


The pain isn’t worth not having him 

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A Letter Back Home
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