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A Juggalo's Vow


Raise it high and bring it down.

I lay my hatchet on the ground, down before my lette's feet.

Swear my life to this clown to keep.

She who holds my heart, in her palm.

Her crystal eyes, a beholding beauty of black and white.

Eternal bliss I shall find. If I die for her, for her name.

May my hatchet be raised once more, to fall those who would strike at her.

If I fail, or go astray, may my paint be washed away.

For my life will have been in vain, my head hung low in shame.

A clown no more will I be without her darkness over me.

Lay my hatchet at her door when the day comes I shalln't return.

Leave it with my love and nothing more

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A Juggalo's Vow
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