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A Hard Truth

10/25/17, a Poem

bitch, you think you know it all?

life tore you open and gushing,

spread on the floor sobbing, too sore

to clutch the pain towards your chest.

no respite. followed by the shadow of

a man, pathological fibs forming in the

space between your ribs.

she told you that you were a good person.

can you believe her? those screams.

haunting. beautiful.

now you’ve ruined them all.

who could want the fuck-up, selfish brash

stupid unprepared. you thought. over and

over, “i’ll figure it out.” you can’t. he was

always right, but too proud to admit it.

you’re no prodigy no prodigal no person.

you’re just the afterthought of existence

banging against the brick wall 'til the

blood pours drip drip drip.

can you help yourself to help others?

saw off your arm to sew eyes shut?

i suppose it’s never simple, but forgiveness

never is.

if there’s a god, he gives no fucks. we

are an ant farm he holds a magnifying

glass to, burning us alive with glory.

the babies and the innocents are those

who will survive us all.

the lucky bastards.

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A Hard Truth
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