Eimear Devlin
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A Happy Poem

Because the World Needs More of Them

You know why it’s so easy to write about being sad?

Because everyone knows sad, everyone relates to sad.

Everyone cries and knows how bad

The World is, the people are, society is, how far

Does any writer really need to go to write about sadness and fear and feeling alone?

Of course, it’s commendable and done beautifully so

I’ve done it for as long as I can remember, even years ago

When I was too young to even know where that sadness could go

I was writing poems and songs about leaving home

Hating life,

Hating maths,

Wanting things to die.

Strong words from a hand that didn’t know strength any better than the next child:

Bully victim, self-conscious, lonely, imagination running wild.

Well, there’s plenty of strength in the simplest of words like the one aforementioned,

But there are better, simple words with better intentions.

Words like:

Tidings, delighting, rose gold, sunset lighting

The logs on fire on snap, crack, pop winter nights,

You know? Those ones after autumn falls and before the New Year

Springs and bounce and flounce and flop,

Get on the top of the beat, and the rhythm and the rhyme and the music!

Theatre, acting, reacting, laughing, screeching, crying with your sides aching

Baking! Chocolate chip, salsa dip, crisps, chips, cooking, pots, pans, dials, fans, buttons,

Style! Fashion, senses, and passion! Love and caring, enough and so much so you

EXPLODE! Implode! Confetti, canons, boom, zoom, color, wonder

Blunder, tumble, mess around, jack of all trades and hidden clowns!

Applause! Celebration, adulation of big hearts, gooey parts, quirky minds; all different kinds of

Good people! Right people, who live for helping of all people.

Life and death.

Starts and ends.

Straight city roads and country bends.

Little things should make you smile.

Because the bigger things might take a while.

Be it words, "the little things" or family trees,

Keep them warm and close like hugging knees. 

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A Happy Poem
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