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A Good Day Is When You Say Nothing

Here is a definition of a bad day.

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

No one sees the first single raindrop

from the clear skies above

with the cotton candy clouds.



and precise.

It shatters the glass of the tinted window,

silent and deadly,

came loud danger in a split second.

With fragments glinting as it fell,

like diamonds and rhinestones.

But beautiful as it is,  

there is no luxury

because it's broken.

It cuts open the mouth of a man,

who then cursed

the figures above.

The whole world doesn't listen,

and so he sets out 

to prepare for the waterfall

that cascades.

It's something

he had never meant for.

It's something

you would never see coming.

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A Good Day Is When You Say Nothing
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