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A Father's Love

First Man

I was the first to hold your hand,

the first to feel your heart,

the first ever man, you had from the start.

I was the first to hear you speak,

and the first to call you by your name,

I was even the first to hear that we looked the same.

I was the one who gave you your first bath,

who changed you into your very first, "daddy's girl" outfit,

and also the one who stays home to babysit.

I took you to your very first day of school,

and helped you pass your very first test,

and helped you ace the rest.

I drove you to your very first prom,

and danced with you to your favourite song, when you turned 18.

And now, I'm handing you off to the man who you say has eyes just like heaven,

and who takes care of you too,

but he will always be second.

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A Father's Love
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