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A Dream Burned to the Ground

A Poem

Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash

A city,

That savage tribe,

Sitting back,

Gently holding their eager eyes shut,

The impenetrable blackness lulling them into a false sleep,

A fantastic dream,

To catch eagerly,

To hold tenaciously,

To starve there in the fertile fields,

To dance divinely,

Without the sacred music,

Soundly beating their nimble feet,

Smoking thoughtfully smoldering cigarettes,

Cheap brand,

Visible smoke drifting gently,

James Dean,

Eternal paradise lost,

Gently withdrawn,

To some other place,

A grand hall,


Down into a slum,

Innocent children,


Typically dying,

Unable to sleep,

Sitting there,

Drinking gratefully warm,




To that room,

A single flat,

No view,



Falling down,

Instantly breaking their modern life,

Cast on their pavement,

A picture postcard,

Tacked to the sacred wall,



On that lovely beach,

With silk hair girls,


Burning fiercely under that hot sun,

To go carefully,

To go willingly,

Wandering past high tall buildings,

Reaching high into the brilliant sky,

A drifting,

Escaping dream,


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A Dream Burned to the Ground
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