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A Dream

The Dream You Wish For

Have you ever had A dream?

A dream that you want so bad to touch but so scared to try because if you do you just might be let down or disappointed. I realize I live in fear, fear of pretty much everything I’m scared to drive scared to live. Dreaming is like A Fantasy that comes to you when you think of how your life is suppose to be. When I dream I think about love, happiness or what my life would be like if I was famous and to travel the world  A dream can be anything A tail from the heart A image from the mind or something you see when your lost in to space. It’s a way to get away from life and wish. I’m in love with the thought of changing my life A beautiful dream that starts and never finish. Have you ever seen A picture of A beautiful house or A picture of A island and dream about you being there. Close your eyes and imagine how it would be laying on A beach in the islands or waking up in A beautiful house with A family. Once you dream it the determination and ambition for wanting to be there will have you work as hard as you need to see that life come true.

Dream big and you won’t be disappointed

Like the Koreans say fighting 

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A Dream
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