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A Different Perspective

In the Beginning


A different perspective.

A mindless gauntlet of self-perfection

A winding river of self-reflection.

Limited from a life of much repression

I forgot the law of possession

And fought through much retention

Not mine to take yet mine to make

In my dreams or waking state

Not a slave still saving grace

It comes, it goes, it dwindles, it flows

It enters, it exits, it follows, it grows,

It creates, it destroys, it embodies, and bestows, it is all things and all things does it know, all things it erodes, and explodes, until the illusion of control is lost paying toll to the keepers of the souls of the lost who don't know and do so accordingly, supporting life on this planet, employees to the man, and I've said damn, save the empire for which it stands, even if it's only the constitution of one man, it still holds truth for which it stands, indivisible under god, doggone it, one night holding hands and staring in the eyes of those who understand, every night if I make the right demands, not mine to pocess, yet the code of a man, the choice in my hands, hold where I stand, like a tree that has spanned centuries sheltering all the other trees, the roots are the same, even if you don't believe, I am you as you are me.

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A Different Perspective
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