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A Day of Christmas Shopping...

The Impossible Quest

A day of Christmas shopping can consist of many things.

A day of Christmas shopping could perhaps entail ribbons, bows, or rings.

A day of Christmas Shopping can be such fun, yet simultaneously turn your countenance to being glum.

It can be so tiring, so exhausting, and yet so rewarding to some.

Soon your feet begin to ache, then you become hungry, and you wish you were at home.

And as you wait in the winding line ups, you must conceal your long groans.

The massive malls are like vast rivers with currents of people pushing and pulling you in all directions. 

You are tossed into various crowds of people of whom you are not particularly fond.

At times you feel as though you are lost or misplaced, and wish that you were back in your small pond.

When you enter into various shops and find nothing that you seek to find,

You try again and feel as though you may be losing your mind!

And when you finally find that perfect gift,

Your spirits suddenly begin to lift.

Then you persist to finish your list, and establish the assurance that there will be no one you somehow miss.

You continue to get bombarded by persuasive advertisements that hold promise,

And see models that seem to be so effortlessly flawless.

But, you must turn your eyes in other, more practical directions,

Only to find more expensive and beautiful collections.

When you finally reach the end of your list and collapse,

You wake up your phone and press onto maps.

When at long last you return from your day of Christmas shopping, you must now put on a disguise,

So that Christmas day can hold nothing, but glorious surprise. 

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A Day of Christmas Shopping...
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