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A Cure for the Burning

A Poem

I woke up with tears in my eyes and a horrific pain in my stomach

I had another dream about her

God she was beautiful

Every little detail about her was goddess-like

I never thought someone like her would want to be a friend to someone like me

I never thought I'd fall so hard for her

And now all I want is her

But I know I cannot have her

She made it clear when I first confessed 

I would've have dropped to my knees and begged her 

But I knew it would've had no effect on her

So I just nodded my head in silence

And accepted sadness's invitation

I could feel depression's chains close and lock onto my wrists

And felt them squeeze tighter

My voice vanished

As if someone had sucked it out of my throat

I had no other words

All of my emotions gathered in my mind along with my confused thoughts

How could she let me kiss her?

Why did she let me?

why? Why? WHY?

It screamed over and over in my head

Like a steady drumbeat

And my heart went up in flames

The tears forever burned into my flesh

And all that was left was the glowing embers

I could no longer pursue her

But her face

Her beautiful face 

Will haunt my mind

And my dreams


And there can be no other cure for the burning

That is forever embedded in my soul

And in my heart

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A Cure for the Burning
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