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A Collection of Short Poems Vol.1

by Natasha Oosthuizen


You told me you loved me as I left,

it felt as empty as the box of condoms on your bedside table.

Walking out into the morning sun with no makeup, messy hair, cum dripping down my leg.

I looked up at the radiant morning sky, never have I felt so alive.

As I washed the sweat, cum and kisses from my body, I knew the spell was finally broken.


sometimes i think you’re a monster

but i know it’s in vain

because when i called you a sweetie

was when you felt the most pain

it’s not weird that you behave like an island

when all the boats left

as soon as they saw the horizon

without you where would i be?

in a completely different life

because within you i saw me

and i was holding a knife.


the purple bruises on my knees

matches the dark circles under your eyes

and the way you speak, so pretty it's almost

like taking a stroll through an endless garden.

but your mind is dark, filled with the tiniest

stars that twinkle in your eyes.


i kissed someone who wasn't you,

now i don't know what to do.

i knew we weren't in love,

but oh god, we could've been.

hell in your eyes, heaven in your touch,

what was i to you? i ask through glassy eyes;

"a waste of time" you reply, i guess i never meant much.

"but i can't live without you"—"then die"

you reply as you slide the knife into my heart.


is it too much to say "i love you"? too soon?

time is a concept & i'm not promised to another second

but neither are you, so let's live in the present.

are you scared of the future? afraid of what it holds?

just take my hand darling, i'll show you the world.

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A Collection of Short Poems Vol.1
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