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A Capricorn's and a Scorpio's Love

Te amo mas de los que sabes.


"Te amo mas de los que sabes." (I love you more than you know.)

We flew so high to our little heaven

Deep in the clouds, we can no longer see.

Mother Nature’s present of perfection.

The sun rising, a magnificent dream.

Alone, but in a hidden happiness,

Never before, our eyes caught in a daze.

A feeling we will covet to reminisce,

As soon as the weather decides to change.

Perhaps the last spark, will then stress to us,

The ghost who envies, pleads us to relive.

Bonds once more past the stars of hazy love,

Old healing rivers, ready to forgive.

Our last breath will whisper proclaiming,

His, Scorpio’s, now timeless engraving.

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A Capricorn's and a Scorpio's Love
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