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A Broken and Betrayed Heart

A Poem

I feel it break

Again and again

Every time I see them

Every time I drive by his house

I see her car

Sitting there

I feel the sting of tears

Pricking my eyes

I feel my heart break


Is there anything left

Of it to break?

I want to scream

I want to cry

I was happy with him

We were happy

Weren't we?

We were going to be forever

We were going to get married

Have beautiful children

Grow old together


He wasn't happy anymore

My life shattered and crumbled

Before my eyes

I have no reason to live

She took him from me

My best friend

Betrayed me

We were like sisters

And she betrayed me

Will I ever find the love of my life again?

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A Broken and Betrayed Heart
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