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A Brides Thoughts

Wedding Vow Jitters

Photo by Katy Duclos on Unsplash

Show me please the way

Because of so many who hate

and your presence will guide 

You have seen tears

and I have no consolation because he will not forget 

I kneel before you for you are my refuge and

I was his refuge and God I know you will never leave 

Listen to a Prayer I ask you to please remove the Enemies from the Home

I seek refuge in you because it's you're the loving voice that will guide 

Listen to my Prayers 

Never allow it to be overturned

Remember  Family and Friends

and help  carry my pain thru out the thorns of despair

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Our Eternal Vows

Will always be true!

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A Brides Thoughts
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