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A Blue Soul

The Soul of the 12th Sign

I am everything you think I am, but not what you thought I was.

I am a sight for you to see, yet something you've never seen.

I am everything you feel, but there's something you've never felt.

I create the sounds you hear, I am the old music you've never heard.

I am the smell in breeze, my scent you've never known.

I am a soul who is alone, one from long ago.

There couldn't possibly be a name for this place where we find ourselves now.

We transition to the close surround, but never shall we stay.


The way here is almost like one; a dream. Vision has little use.

There is no adjusting the speed, all limits mean nothing with a soul like this.

It's just something we exceed.

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Gabriel Garcia

A once Insipid individual struck by misfortune dwelling in a peculiar state of deep thought and self reflection; no longer accompanied by shame, remaining perpetually encumbered not only from the mind, but from the heart.

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A Blue Soul
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