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A Poem


It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you

A few months in fact

You pick me up from the airport and you ask

“How are you doing”

Well, there’s a raccoon in my closet and a possum in my bed.

I’ve put out several small fires and there’s a bird’s nest on my head.

How do I answer that?

How do I answer that?

The trash goes out every Monday, but the trash cans don’t always come back.

When I go to sleep a fat little dog curls up with me,

And when I wake up she’s still there happily asleep.

I didn’t write much poetry-just these stupid songs

That I keep in my memory so they don’t last that long.

“How are you doing”

How do I answer that

How do I answer that

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Laura DiNovis Berry
Laura DiNovis Berry

Welcome! I provide free book reviews for modern poets! At the end of the year, 10% of all earnings and donations will be given to a non profit organization. This year you will all be helping Lambda Literary! Thank you!

Twitter: @poetryberry

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