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9:31 AM Interlude

Good Morning!

Wake up n' smell what's brewin'

i been flipping thru pages upon pages

crammed with monologues by my

favorite authors, from Langston Hughes to James Baldwin

my will to create poems burns quicker than an incense

this ain’t a charade

i can bruise your ego in an instant

upon looking at the ink that my utensil oozes with

the doctor won’t be able to treat you

when someone like me is through

i don’t set limits

i transcend them

i don’t make wrongs

i rewrite them all

i don’t stress over those who don’t support me

they will anyway

i render their theories of doubt incorrect

how much am i willing to give

just to get what i really want

as much as I got, to be honest

when i say nothing is getting in my way

i mean nothing

what part of that don’t you understand

so why do you continue to bring me down

that’s all right

watch how I come up bro

your boy just hit the jackpot, i ain’t

need a lottery ticket to win the mega millions neither

each piece i pen is worth the same amount

knowledge by the pop

the more that you request

the more that it might cost you

wait no

you don’t gotta pay for anything that’s priceless

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9:31 AM Interlude
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