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Poetry #1


I want to inhale a 6 PM sky.

I want lavender and rose hues to swirl and live in me forever

All peaceful and wholehearted

Lavender and blue

An outline of branches and you

Look down at our reflections below

Our round faces blurred in the waves and glow

Tree branches that look like lightning bolts stuck in time

Or maternal hands outstretched for its children of leaves and moss

Arching down.

Nature can have the warmest arms

And if I was something inhuman I’d revel in this state forever

Thinning clouds draped around a frozen sky like the wrinkles and curls of bed sheets

A whirl of honey, gold, and coral

I know you’re uneasy, and this feels weird, but try to breathe and remember a time with

Red cheeks and slick skin

Revealing a summer of promises true or mistaken

A lot of things were left unsaid

And they will rattle your brain til we’re cold and untouchable

But for now just breathe, and look at what 5:55 PM has to offer while I drive you home.

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Poetry #1
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