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500 Miles

An Ode to Long-distance Love

I love you

So such powerful words that carry so much weight in this world. 

It’s like their sheer utterance have a physicsl weight that can be measured

A statement so worthy of being looked out for that it’s like our minds are trained to hear it anywhere 

But when you have a love, a true love, a real raw passionate love

It is one of the most painful things to put distance between.

Your heart aches, your spirit breaks, it feels like a sucker punch to the chest

Over and over as each day goes on that you have distance between you and your love

Why does the world have to be so far apart? 

Why oh my love did you have to go away?

I would travel 5, 50, 500 miles even to get a glimpse of your face again

Don’t forget me my love, I certainly can’t forget you

I will be here waiting, when you get back from being 500 miles away

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500 Miles
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