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4th of July

An American Poem

my country tis of greed

i haven’t slept right for weeks

like my dreams can’t decide

what it means to be american

i have a heart & i bleed & i breathe

just like all the other faces

passing me on every street

in all my varied wanderings

against mountain ocean desert scenes

if this is god’s country

maybe i’ll become a witch

cast a spell with my longings

make us into a universe

give back our collected pain

to every spangled star

i could stop wondering

if where we are is where we’re going

how we got here at all

amassing on the washington mall

in all of our great cities

finding the lost art of protest

a nonviolent resistance

with recycled signs

black lives matter

chinga la migra

my body my choice

love is love is love is love

i still want to love my country

i still want to dream of peace

i still want to trust this place

but today i feel afraid

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4th of July
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