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3 Years (I Miss You)

A Tribute to a Loss

It's been 3 years now to this day. 

Since you have gone.

So unexpectedly. 

The 1st year all I feel was anger. 

How could I lose people so dear. 
Then confusion. 


Could we have prevented?

Did anyone know?

Did anyone see it coming?

Did we miss signs?

The second year continued the questions for all

those close to you. 

And still feeling like there was something

we could do. 

But there wasn't. 

And we had to accept that. 

Which brings us to year 3. 

We're still angry. 

We're still confused. 

And we're still mourning. 

But there is acceptance now. 

Where there didn't use to be. 

So as we start year 4,

My heart DOES still hurt. 

But I know you would want all of us to love life 

the way you did. 

So who are we to deny? 

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3 Years (I Miss You)
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