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3 Words More Meaning


Taken of the River Thames

Actions speak louder than words, they say, but words stick more.

3 Words More Meaning

I walk the line of love

The actions are not enough

You’ve seen me crack I’m not tough

I cry for you

Will die for you

Lay my life down for you

Taking bullets for you

When I lose my way

You’re the angel I say

One to the world

But the world to one

When all’s said and done

We are crazy in love

Yes we fight

But that’s alright

Yes we disagree

But that’s normal you see

Yes at times we show hate

But 99.9 percent of the time we great

When you cry

I cry

Heck part of me dies

When you smile

I smile

Helps me forget the vile world

When there’s nowhere safe

And the whole world shakes

And the light just breaks

When I’m lost, lose my way

You’re the angel I say

When I can’t take the world no more

You help open the door

Lift me back up to my best

I’ve carved you in my chest

Yes I am a mess

But that mess is yours

Yes I’m crazy

But that crazy’s yours

Yes I have my heart

And that heart is yours

Always got me craving more

A drug addiction

Love like this ain’t fiction

The days of pain

The nights of rain

They’ll come again

I can’t promise they won’t

But you’ll be here with me

Close your eyes it’s the future I see

In darkness I find you

In negativity I find you

In pain I find you

When I can’t walk I get up and find you

When I lose my way

You’re my angel I say

Next level appreciation

Love with no depreciation

Always on the rise

See you in the skies

See you in the stars

Loving you from afar

If you feel the same way

You’re an angel I say

And I’ll love you every day

I’m hard to love

Easy to hate

Not always so great

No one love me like you

Why you love me? I have no clue

You just do

My wall is down

You’ve turned this life around

When I’m safe it’s because you

When I feel a gleam it’s because you

The joy I feel is because you

I always find my way back to you

It’s just you

The three words are too complicated

The “I love you” is underrated

It goes beyond those words I swear

I’ll always be there

When you lose your way

I’ll be the angel I say

Because I’ve lost mine

And you’ve been there the whole time

Different me when I think of love

These words I hope are enough

To show the power one emotion has

Love, abused, sometimes used

Don’t use mine

I don’t use yours

Heart in your hands

Be careful, I’m yours through and through

My heart it just only beats for you 

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3 Words More Meaning
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