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28 Reasons to Hug a Black Person

A List of Reasons Why Black People Deserve Surprise Hugs

28 Reasons to Hug a Black Person

1. We give the best hugs

2. Everyone needs a random hug

3. Hugs help fight depression

4. Will make your day go better

5. We invented jazz

6. Slavery

7. Red beans and rice… enough said

8. Sweet potato pie

9. George Washington carver invented peanut butter

10. The stop light

11. Bernie mac

12. Obama

13. The electric slide

14. Elvis career

15. Collard greens

16. Jim crow laws

17. Maury

18. The wayans brothers

19. Judge Mathis

20. Sister Sister

21. Slavery

22. We are nice people

23. Hip Hop

24. Fried chicken

25. Aunt Viv got replaced and we are still recovering from that

26. We are always there for suburban white kids to steal our dances and music get famous for it

27. The Kardashians

28. Slavery

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Savannah McCain
Savannah McCain

I'm just a potato trying to become the best vodka I can be. My writing has no purpose. When I write, I write what is on my mind at the time. Some days I can write something funny and sweet, and others I would write something dark.

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28 Reasons to Hug a Black Person
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