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Elizabeth's Song

An air sign with a fiery side, but tranquil as the sea

Moonlight floods through your heart and down into the valley

You remind me of a phoenix rising from the ashes

Finding her voice

Finding her passions

A little help along the way will save you from a rainy day,

But don't forget to kiss the rain, and drink the air, and feel the pain

This life is yours for the taking, so look to the stars when you feel yourself fading

Her laughter turns to sunflowers and fuels sunny days

Her aura lights the night sky as the grass sways

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Emma Rose
Emma Rose

A young poet shooting for the stars in her night sky. Her love of writing began when she had stumbled across the creation of her mother's own words in a small green notebook. From there she knew it was pulsing in her veins. Just like mom.

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