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The Dramatic, Unemployed Millennial

She goes by 22 

2 degrees by 22, and community college diploma

A job at a non-profit helping youth plan life beyond their eyes.

She goes by 22

Funding was cut, which obviously sucked but, she pushed through. 

August 22 found out there was no more room for the girl that was 22

With only two weeks left she scrambled to find stable ground for her next steps.

She goes by 22

The last day came too fast, she had no back up plan because she thought she would last. 

Deep down she knew. Student loans, rent, car insurance covered for 3 months. 

She goes by 22 

Now she applies to 22 positions from home, watching talk shows 

She goes by 22 

“Application rejected, sorry where going in a different direction.” “Try this section” and “no”

Winters nearing and she’s getting cold. 

She goes by 22 

Month 2 of unemployment creeps by. It’s become a norm to be in bed for 22 hours.

Self doubt, sadness and questioning her worth. 

222 regections. 222 times of a painful acceptance shes not good enough. 

She goes by 22 

November 22 she will be 23, with 2 degrees and no where to be. 

-Happy Faith

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