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A Poem

I'm looking for that positivity

Well it's 2019 and it's still a mystery

How we got here and where were going

But if we carry on the same path

Well I swear we'll be blowing

This smoke in the air and the lungs

Until the rivers are black

And no one has eyes

Cuz how can you say you see

When you talk to me

About these people on the streets

Like they couldn't be me

How can we leave people

To die in our seas

And not give a fuck

About all this negativity

I'm looking for that positivity

I'm looking for a new hope

Just like star wars

When the police are knocking down your doors

Just cuz of the colour of your skin

Or the country you were born in

Is that how were gonna leave it

When in 20 years when we talk to our kids

About what we did

Are you gonna be another sheep

And allow these corporate enterprises

To rule over all our lives

Nah that won't be me

Cuz you see

I'm looking for that positivity

And it seems so clear that for me

A new life is ready to appear

A new sense of motivation

For societal collaboration

Has made itself known

although I'm a hypocrite

When I talk about this corporate shit

Cuz I'm still taking part

In this capitalist bitch

Well don't roll another joint

Cuz I need to be motivated

And the green might help you

But for me it's just another excuse

To be lazy and sleep

Well I've spent the last six months

Moaning about my problems

While the world cries for help

I sit at home and I'll confess

That this stress has subdued me

But it won't over do me

Because I'm ready for the new me