Second Chapter of My Life

do you know what it was like for me?

probably the happiest time for me

i had been through quite a few things

things that now mean nothing

and then i saw my lucky four

soon to be my first amor

the things i felt were the most rare

longs walks fingers locked

love affaire wrapped in crisp air

something directly from the depths of my fantasies

my imagination burst in reality

the fear i had was no longer a bother

all from the realms in my head

founded on the things i've read

couldn't even begin

to represent what she meant

all the colors in the sky

from land to land

or even in the deepest of oceans

couldn't describe the ways of her eyes

all the words from all the languages

couldn't form an elaborate enough lie

to hide what i saw in her

nothing could hide the bond between us

she held me and i held her

she held me

she planted seeds within me

and sour roots grew around my organs

thorny roses grew in my brain

and blossomed through my eyes

blinding me

through my ears too

i couldn't hear the warnings

i'm too young

i shouldn't engage in this

these words had no meaning

i only felt how my heart was beating

when she made growing old seem less intimidating



not seeing

the cell i was locked in 

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