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200 Minus

Your weight won't determine your happiness.

You walked in with a weight of 200...

Heaviest you've ever been.

You walked in with a weight of 200...

The only thing other men and women had ever seen.

You signed up for weight training;

A class for your repair.

6 Months passed, but not your despair.

You go in for your monthly check up and they say,

"You're doing fine!"

They tell you at this rate, "your weight will be benign."

You got yourself to a "moderately overweight," on the BMI, this brought some relief, but little did the doctors know that you would rarely eat.

You'd skip a meal or two ...or three, and that to you was fine, but you were exhausted every morning and every single night.

You had starved your body, and for who? Certainly not you.

-To keep up with an image that made you feel like poo.

That wasn't you. Your smile had faded. Your eyes had darkened. Your life had completely dulled, but you would always cross your fingers, because 200 minus was always your goal. 

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200 Minus
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