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2:40 AM - Betelgeuse


You have 20 minutes to get away before they catch you. The rules say no running.

You walk past a no smoking sign and the distinct smell of a cigarette clouds your eyes and lungs, and it’s your fault, caved after just 3 months.

          are you afraid?

The echo of someone running in flip flops on a deserted road is urgent and right behind you.

          did you miss me?

Your legs starts to sear as a hot metal bumper nudges you, burns stretching across your calves. The car is directly behind you and it wants you to move and the driver leans on the horn but there is no driver and no car and no burns.

The horn continues across the ocean.

          are you alone?

Tell me what phase the moon is in. Tell me where Orion is and tell me if he’s watching over. Tell me if you feel safe.

Does the hunter aim for you too?

Will you run anyway?




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2:40 AM - Betelgeuse
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