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10 Things People Won't Tell You When You Have a Chronic Illness

Migraines and Chronic Pains

10 things people won't tell  you when you have chronic illness

number one,

there Will be more bad days than good,

if I were a car ,

every few miles you'd have to stop and look under the hood ,

Because I breakdown a lot ,

it’s one of the few specialties I've got, 

no one likes a car that isn't reliable ,

I am an unreliable car ,

stuck stalled out on the roadside ,

Some days I am able to drive 

some days I arrive,

I go for miles until I once again stall out ,

and like a bad car,

a problem is all they will see ,

most people don't want to deal with maintenance required to keep me ,

number 2

no matter what you do ,

others will not understand what you are going through ,

they think that they can sympathise with story of all the illnesses they once had ,

they reassure you it is not all bad ,

but see my pain doesn't go on vacation ,

maybe for a day or two but then it comes back knocking at my door ,

demanding to be let in once more ,

it is not a cold or flu ,

There's nothing I can do ,

it is not a broken leg that will heal someday,

it will not suddenly go away ,

number 3,

each day does not get easier ,

this is not a movie ,

things will not become better just because you wish them to be,

every bad day is still hard ,

you do not need to be like an inspirational quote written in a card,

it's ok not be ok sometimes

number 4,

people will not always believe you,

they think you are using an illness to avoid things you don't wanna do ,

but that isn't true ,

if you think i want spend the day ,

locked away ,

stuck inside ,

trying to ignore the spinning room around me,

the gut wrenching pain that won't let me be ,

that i'd rather stare at these four walls ,

deal with the demons in my halls ,

than go out with friends , on the weekends ,

or lose money on my pay ,

cause i needed another sick day ,

you are wrong ,

number 5

some people will leave ,

even if you believe they never would ,

that they never could ,

they will go ,

do not blame them ,

do not shame them ,

not everyone is strong enough to handle this kind of difficulty ,

number 6

you grow to hate pity,

people will give you things even if you do not earn it ,

even if you do not deserve it ,

because they pity you ,

it's one of the worst things they can do,

it is not sympathy ,

it is not empathy ,

it is not dignity ,

number 7 ,

there will be good days ,

beaming in like warm sun rays,

they will make you forget the hard times ,

tuck you into comfort like children's nursery rhymes ,

and on those days you will be happy ,

keep hold ,

these days are better than straw strung into gold ,

number 8 ,

you are not your illness ,

you are are more than this

do not let one thing define you ,

There so much more you can do ,

number 9,

sometimes the pills won't work ,

they will not take the pain away ,

they won't make everything ok ,

you will have to learn how to deal with switching pills so often ,

your life will feel like its fifty percent medication ,

and fifty percent desperation ,

number 10 ,

you don't need to be sad ,

you're aloud to be mad ,

but whatever you do,

do not let the negativity consume you,

yes it is hard ,

but diamonds are made under pressure ,

Rest assure ,

you are a fighter ,

you are a diamond ,

the thing they don't tell you about having a chronic illness is that is does not have to control you ,

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10 Things People Won't Tell You When You Have a Chronic Illness
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